7 Cara Bersikap Positif

Macam mana nak berfikiran positif?

Sebenarnya, ia senang di mulakan bila Anda sudah tahu asasnya.
Pupuk pemikiran positif dengan…

1. Bersangka baik dengan sesiapa saja.
Niatkan dalam hari, Anda mahu baik dengan semua orang yang ada di sekeliling Anda.

2. Tumpukan pada nilai-nilai murni.
Walau siapa jua yang Anda jumpa, yang Anda temui, bercakap dan berinteraksi, fokus pada sikap-sikap baik yang Anda lihat ada pada dirinya.

3. Elak emosi negatif.
Jauhkan diri Anda dari sikap pendengus, cepat marah, selalu sakit hati, asyik geram dan buruk sangka. Bila emosi-emosi negatif ada (walaupun sedikit), ia akan menghalang Anda dari menjadi orang yang berfikiran positif. Elak emosi-emosi negatif dari meresap masuk ke fikiran anda.

4. Istighfar serajin mungkin, seikhlas mungkin, sebanyak mungkin.
Lafaz istighfar dengan sepenuh hati dapat membuang segala emosi negatif yang bersarang di minda. Bila Anda sedar yang Anda sudah berubah sedikit ke emosi negatif ataupun sudah mula bersangka buruk, cepat-cepat istighfar. Bila mendengar orang lain memaki atau orang mengumpat, istighfar dalam hati. Sebab, perkataan buruk yang Anda dengar akan mencetuskan banyak gelombang emosi negatif yang mencemarkan pemikiran positif.

5. Play More, More and More. Have Fun!.
Hiburkan hati, dekatkan diri Anda dengan jenaka, lawak dan yang lucu-lucu. Ketawakan diri sendiri bila buat silap, ia mengelak dari rasa tertekan. Kesannya, Anda dapat maintain fikiran positif. Selain tu, cuba gembirakan diri. Bila rasa gembira, teruja dan seronok, Anda jadi lebih bermotivasi, lebih bersemangat!

6. Jangan ambil kisah cakapan orang.
Biarkan saja mereka. Buat saja, terus latih minda Anda supaya berfikiran positif dengan 5 langkah di atas. Terlalu banyak mendengar komen orang akan menyusahkan diri sendiri, kerana bila situasi negatif terjadi pada Anda (ditarik oleh pemikiran negatif), mereka hanya akan mampu melihat. Mereka hanya akan mampu berasa kasihan. Yang susah siapa? Anda juga sebab ia terjadi pada Anda, bukan mereka.

7. Elak menyalahkan orang, situasi, keadaan, persekitaran, benda.
Tetapi, salahkan diri sendiri, sebab tak buat yang terbaik. Anda kali ni silap, tekad untuk buat yang terbaik, lagi OK di masa akan datang.

Orang yang berfikiran positif tak suka menyalahkan sesiapa, menyalahkan situasi, keadaan, persekitaran, mahupun benda. Dia mengkaji di mana silapnya, menganalisa lalu mengambil inisiatif berubaha ke arah yang lebih baik.

Mungkin, hari ini Anda silap. Mungkin Anda GAGAL. Mungkin Anda dah nak “give up”.

Siapa tahu, esok mungkin hari yang cemerlang untuk Anda! ANDA BERJAYA..!!

11 Februari 2009 - Posted by | Petua

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  1. terima kasih kerana memberi tips yang baik ini sebab kadang-kadang fikiran negatif memang selalu mengganggu dan melebihi dari pikiran positif

    Komen oleh umi | 11 Februari 2009 | Balas

  2. Terima kaseh diatas motivasi ,memang kadang2 kita terlupa.saya ingin meminta izin suapaya dapat saya berkongsi dengan kawan2 lain.

    Komen oleh Nordin Ohorella | 26 Februari 2009 | Balas

  3. Saya rasa faham kerana bila membaca itu. Tapi saya ada soalan macamana cara nak sikap lain dan ubah baik untuk orang ?

    Komen oleh Ash One Advent | 11 Mei 2009 | Balas

  4. Makasi atas tipsnya, berfikir positif itu kurang enak tapi hasil dari pikiran positif itu sangat indah, dan berfikir negati itu enak tapi hasilnya tidak menyenangkan, mala menyusahkan

    Komen oleh marsel | 24 Disember 2009 | Balas

  5. Terima kasih ats tips2 diats. Mmg, kdgkala kita terlalu memikirkan apa yg org fikirkan psl kita. That’s why kita akn jd buruk sngka dgn org lantas membawa kita kpd pemikiran negatif.

    “mereka hanya akan mampu melihat. Mereka hanya akan mampu berasa kasihan. Yang susah siapa? Anda juga sebab ia terjadi pada Anda, bukan mereka.”
    Betul betul betul! Sebab itu kita jgn berfikiran negatif,kita jgk yg susah nanti.

    Terima kasih skali lagi. Sy akn cuba menjalani kehidupan ini dgn sebaiknya. InsyaAllah.

    Komen oleh lemonadeandspirit | 8 September 2011 | Balas

  6. terima kasih atas tip-tip yang sangat berguna untuk saya menjadi lebih yakin dan bersikap positif.saya juga ingin meminta izin untuk berkongsi dengan kawan2 yg lain.

    Komen oleh huda | 11 September 2011 | Balas

  7. sya trima dgn smua nasihat trsebut. .
    Sya akn mula brfikir positif dr skg. . =)

    Komen oleh nidz ler | 24 Mei 2012 | Balas



    Komen oleh nadiya | 27 Mei 2012 | Balas

  9. berfikiran +ve tidak menyalahkan org lain..

    Komen oleh lalink | 18 Jun 2012 | Balas

    • yes correct…

      Komen oleh lalink | 18 Jun 2012 | Balas

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    Cases for the iPhone 3G Written by Alan. Posted on Thursday, June 18,
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    Follow comments here with the RSS feed. Post a comment or leave
    a trackback.|Hi. I was just wondering if anyone had the otterbox defender or switcheasy capsule rebel
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    the vision clip2 it works great with the new capsle rebel|I had the defender and
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    I now have a 3GS and will be getting the otterbox again.
    |Have a 3gs with the ottorbox. It does what it says the iphone rep at AT&T sold
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    My only 2 complaints are that its bulk (thickness not
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    I dropped it in the mall parking lot, a vehicle had to stop for me to get it ( haha ).
    My iPhone did amazing flips on that pavement. I assumed the worst, but when
    I picked it up, there wasn’t not only nothing done to the phone, but even the case itself was flawless. My otterbox is white, so I thought it would at least discolor it( but it didn’t:)
    The only complaint I have would be the built-in
    screen protector which due to static causes the film to stick to the screen.
    |My 3yr old daughter has an iPod touch and we have had the Invisible shield by ZAGG on it since day one, which was about a year ago.

    On top of that case we put a swiss mobility plastic case, which isn’t made anymore. You can imagine what your phone would look like if you gave it to a 3yr old and her dog. The invisible shield and case have stood up against the many tough times it has been dropped AND chewed on by both my daughter and the dog.
    I just sold my 2G iPhone which had a generic screen protector, did okay at keeping scratches off but the protector got nicked and scratched itself which was ugly. My daughters iPod screen protector still looks like the day I put it on.
    I also had the Macally Hard leather case over the entire body of the phone. The case is CRAP!! There is still a way for dirt, sand, and other foreign objects to get in between the case and the phone and scratch it. The metal backing also started to come off, which to me proves that the case did nothing to protect my phone. It actua|lly probably made it worse.
    I am waiting for my new 3GS to come in the mail, meanwhile I’m going
    to order the ZAGG and possibly the otterbox
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    It is one of the only cases that has a protective glass screen protector.
    Other than the obvious areas, it is almost completely covered and adds almost nothing to the dimensions.
    That case coupled with the belt clip accessory
    is by far my choice.|Who in the world would buy an iPod for a three yr old?
    |- #9 by VEN on February 20th, 2010|LOL for real….What a waste of a new
    phone lol|I have the otter box it is the best case in the
    whole wide world nothing can beat it its great|Quote VENWho in the world would buy
    an iPod for a three yr old?|i have more apps on my iphone for my 3 yr old then me.
    …..|I totally agree, I had to buy an iPod Touch for my
    5 and 2 year old so they would leave my iPhone alone. They have more apps
    than I do! (Educational ones, of course ;) )|I have had my otterbox defender for a
    while now. I do love that it protects it like it says it does.

    The only problem is that it makes the phone way to bulky.
    I also had the problem with the screen protector sticking.
    I switched from a regular screen protector to one that is non glare.
    That solved the problem and I loved this screen protector much betterType your comment
    K :|I absolutely LOVE my Otterbox!!! I really liked my thin
    case I had because it wasn’t so bulky and was a lot lighter. But I am glad I switched back to my Otterbox. A few days after switching, I dropped my phone at least 5 times during the week chasing after a 2 year old! And I too, had the problem with “oil slicks” on my screen until I changed my screen protector to a non-glare type. It is so worth the money and a lot less than replacing my phone!|I personally own an otter box defender and although it is a great case the size is definitely a down fall. You can throw it drop it bump it slide it and it even allows your phone to come in contact with water for a short period of time, although I wouldn’t recommend it.
    Even though I love the otter box I am looking to buy the
    switcheasy neocapsule so any current owner feedback would be extremely helpful!
    |the .m4r file does not get transferred as
    a ringtone, it is in the “Music” folder of iTunes. I double checked all original song clips (and copies) were deleted.
    Any guidance?|this may sound crazy, but i’m new to this, and it worked fine until step #17, because i don’t know where the files are stored!
    and this doesn’t tell me how to find the files . . . can you help?|Great step-by-step, but when I created my AAC version, the file was generated but played no sound. Any ideas??|the image at 24. kinda freaked me out…I couldn’t
    figure out how you knew my name was Alan..then I realised YOUR name
    is Alan! Thanks, Alan.|This worked! I LOVE making ringtones!
    ,! Thank thank thank u!!,|Same problem as #20.
    Only have the original and the m4r version, yet it wont transfer to ringtones’. Gutted!|i see a couple other people seem to have this problem, but i don’t see
    a solution: i followed all the steps, deleted the original aac file, i have a ringtones tab and i can see the ringtone
    in it on itunes, but when i go into the settings on my phone
    it’s not showing as a ringtone option :( i’m using the 3gs, any ideas?
    |my comp wont let me copy the file. even if i use
    the control c.any ideas?|It appears in iTunes as if it is on the iPhone but i don’t know how to find it in the device itself|Thanks for the great steps…I am having the same problem as Amanda (#28)…I see it in my iPhone ringtones folder but it isnt showing up on my iPhone 3gs….Been at this for 3 days now!! Really want my ringtones back!! Thanks!!|I’ve been using this for awhile with no problems and recommended
    to many others. I recently noticed, with all
    the syncing I’m doing between several other Apple products, I’ve lost the full version of the songs that I turned into Ringtones.
    I’m changing the artist and album name of the Ringtone to see if that solves the problem. I’m uploading the full versions
    that I have on CD, but have lost the music that I had purchased.
    Is it me or is this a new glitch? Thanks|Does not work for m4p songs?
    Is there a way to convert to m4a so that I can create an AAC version?
    |Thanks mate. Just what I was looking for..
    .|I followed the instructions to a T. Deleted the AAC version before
    moving back to itunes for the ringtones but it doesn’t appear in ringtones. goes right back into the library with the full version of the song.|One of my problems is that I see that the ext is m4a and not m4r. I don’t know where to find the option to
    change the ext. I’ve tried re-naming and it ends up being …m4a.m4r. a double ext so to speak.|NEVERMINDI played around and found what I needed and it’s
    finally working!!!! Thank you so much for your wonderful instructions and visual aids!
    !|credits to: Arf of The iPhoneTweet Categories: iPhone How-to &
    Tutorial Tags: iTunes, Mac,|hmm. this wasnt working for me so i was following the
    instructions on troubleshooting. when i drag the ringtone to the iphone it
    does not show up in ringtones, only on the music tab. sorry new to
    this and confused. would welcome help! thanks|THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
    !!!! I really appreciate your effort!|I got as far as it showing up as music on my IPhone4 but not in the settings,
    ringtones until I went back to iTunes, right clicked on the ringtone in the ringtone folder and chose consolidate.
    Re-synched and boom there it was in the settings,
    ringtones.|So frustrated, I see that everyone has had good luck and I am going over and over the steps and when I sync, it does not show up in ringtones.

    I have renamed it, it is only 15 sec, it is a m4.r file.
    I have a iphone 4s, is maybe the 4s having trouble with these steps.
    ugh.. I have been at this all day|Me thinks it’s now broken or fixed…I’ve used this method several times
    before, but after numerous attempts to create a ringer, i’ve had no luck. FML…|Scratch that, i just figured out that Windows 7 wasn’t displaying the file extensions and i had to
    manually enable that before i could create a ringer.

    Hope this helps some ppl.|Yes! Thank you so much for
    making this incredibly easy!|Hey thanks alot for the guide.

    An easy question requiers such a hard answer… helped allot keep it
    up dude|AWESOME!! Thank you so much for this!! Great detail for both mac and windows.
    Keep up the good work!|I was able to change my clip to m4r and I successfully deleted the other one,
    im having trouble “adding file to itunes” I go to add
    to library and I see all my other music including my short file and all my reg music is there but the short clip is in a different
    shade and im not able to select it. ugh Im so frustrated this is not working
    for me!!|I skimmed through the question and didn’t find one similar to mine. I went through all the steps successfully but each time I tried to sync it to my iPhone, I was told it was too long?!! Each song was 20 seconds or less. Someone please help!|can not get this to work since i have updated to 5.10 op?? Maybe yall can give me some insight into what might work now.|I have a Mac, but not an iPhone. Does this work for use on an Android phone?
    Thanks!!|These instructions could work for Android if you didn’t turn the clip into an m4r, but rather an mp3 (Android doesn’t support m4r ringtones). So in Step 6, you’d select
    MP3 encoder instead of AAC. Then ignore the steps where you change
    the file types into m4r. However, please note that because Android phones
    are all different, getting the ringtone onto whatever type of Android phone you have could be challenging.
    |doesn’t work. my itunes (on my mac) does not have a “ringtones” listed in the library and I can not drag and drop between multiple windows so none of the troubleshooting options are viable. it appears that some vital steps are missing.|I got the file made, but I cannot get it into the ringtones, when I import it back into iTunes it goes into the music folder…I did delete the original AAC version from my iTunes library…|Got there in the end, but after much cursing and fiddling. The song I chose isn’t very loud.

    I noticed an option to increase the volume of the music when doing the AAC thing
    but it’s still not LOUD enough. Anything else I can do to increase the volume level of the song. Phone ringer volume is on full as well. Or is it just a case of the levels the song was originally recorded at?|I get up to step 25. I dont have a tones or ringtones bar. Help|Sara, make sure Ringtones are showing in iTunes. In iTunes, go to Preferences >General and in the “Show” section, make sure the checkbox next to Ringtones is checked.|Step by step instruction in plain English and clear illustrations.|all of those things are checked and they show up on the left side bar but dont have any options when you click on them.|Thanks for this guide, worked perfectly! It’s only my second day with my new iPhone 4 (switched from
    Android), so I’m still feeling a little lost. Luckily, this guide is spot on. Thanks so much…I simply do not pay for ringtones. :-)|thanks
    i got close but no ringtone’ list on the itune listing.
    i guess it does not open up the folder unless you firs BUY a
    ring tone. Why is it so complicated/ it was easy with my old non smart phone.

    oh well
    i’ll try again later.|followed the step by step guide, the ring tone shows up in the ringtones on my iphone 4s, once it is set as a ringtone it wont ring?|Thanks! I followed the easy instructions and now I have a customized ringtone! Love it! :)|3gs here….cannot copy & paste to music folder….(step 18). :(|I’m
    stuck on step 19 :( my itunes does not give an option for Tools
    or Organize…any suggestions?|Other so called
    or claimed wizzos explain how to put custom ringtone onto iphone 4s but it never works.
    I’ve spent hours getting info, creating I don’t know how many ACC files, dragging and
    dropping everything but a tray of coffee and it still doesn’t work. But this site worked first time. Outstanding and if the owner of this site reads this I would like to say THANK YOU.|I have done everything you have said and my iphone will not give me the option of setting it as a ringtone.
    It shows up in the music and everything i just can’t get it to appear in the list of options.
    |I am having trouble with step 19. I am a mac user, could
    you please help?! thanks you :)|Im having trouble with step 25.
    there just simply isnt any section called ringtones at all.
    |This might sound really dumb, but is there anyway to save the ringtone to send
    to a non iPhone? I don’t have one, but all my ringtones suck and I really don’t want to buy
    any because I’m super cheap haha.|I’m having trouble with step 19, where do I find the song on my computer?
    ??|absolutely spot on……..perfect step by step instructions.
    Thank You!!!!!|When I get to the step for creating the AAc version, the option
    is grayed out under Advanced. I can’t select it?|Having problem with step 22…. it will not import the .m4r file into iTunes so it doesn’t show up in library.
    Also step 25…. tones or ringtones does NOT show
    up anywhere in iTunes. SO FRUSTRATED!|Having problems with step 22.
    .. .m4r file will NOT import into iTunes.
    I have done it exactly step by step according to this tutorial
    multiple times! It wont import! Also, Ringtones or Tones doesn’t show up ANYWHERE on my itunes. So FRUSTRATED!|How to delete ringtones after loading them onto your iphone this way? cant find a way?|So great. I wish all instructions were as accurate and this easy to follow.|What if i don’t
    see the iTunes menu at the top, or left side of
    the File menu???|After reading loads of forums and lists of instructions,
    these were clear and and accurate. Brilliant. Thanks|Step 25?
    There is no ringtone or tone button on my itunes. :/ Nor is there one in the sidebar.
    Please help :)|Great, great , great job mate. well done & thanks|It appears that
    the iPhone 4 can only be charged with the regular Apple charger and you cannot use portable or
    stand up type chargers with this phone. Anyone have a solution?
    |Will this case work with the iphone 4 dock or the earlier iphone docks?
    ?|Thanks for your help. You saved me from purchasing the
    iphone 4 dock, since it costs AUS$39 as i live in Australia.

    I’ll look at purchasing the simplifi now.|I use my iphone to hook up to my home receiver using a 3.5mm jack that splits into the white/red ends. It has the same plug as headphones, but is not round at the base like headphones. Will the 3.5mm jack fit into the phone with the case on?|Oh no!!! I’ve just ordered this case.

    .. But I have Sennheiser branded earbuds with L shaped jack!
    !! What’s the model of yours??? I hope mine will fit in it!!!|Argh!! Mine are CX 300 II … Maybe the jack of series II is smaller?? I’ve compared them with the
    white Apple headphones and they are nearly the same size.

    .. I must measure them with a caliber when I find
    Anyway, I love them too!! Fantastic sound!
    !|Try a google search of Ist and 2nd series.
    ..|They seem to have a different jack… Yours Are a 1st or a 2nd
    series?? I can’t put links to the images here…|Yes, fortunately mine is different… But you can consider selling your on eBay or somewhere else to buy the II nd series… I love them… They’re great!
    ! And in my opinion they also look better;-)|I have that exact
    case and am extremely happy with it. Yes the back has significant scratching on it
    (which I think came like that out of the box.)
    As far as the ringer switch is concerned, if I can get my fat sausage
    fingers to move that switch, then almost anybody can.

    In addition, it is the only case I could find that gave as much protection as it does without being oversized.
    |I bought this case along with my 4, and I’ve had (in less than a month)( they same scratching and button problems. My main complaint is that the case edge around the camera reflects the flash back toward the lens, resulting in blurry photos with t huge lens flare! And given how “durable” (read- hard to remove) the case is, it’s useless for those times when you really
    want to take a low-light photo.
    Of course, like any other case it doubles the bulk of the phone, which
    can be good or bad- I happen to like the extra heft as I’m prone to losing my phone in deep pockets.
    The stiffness of the shell leads me to feel as if I am going to snap my phone when I try to remove it, so I guess it’ll be
    on there for a while!|iMeshi Japanese food
    cases are suitable for the iPhone 3G, 3GS and the iPhone 4.
    They’re now available for $43.20 each on Strapya world. Just hit the “Buy now”|Super cute Hello Kitty Swarovski Crystal USB flash drive Hello Kitty gadgets are what we always welcome on Here comes a super cute Hello Kitty USB flash drive|Kitty, a series of bags or cases which come with Kitty characters printed, are available for your iPhone 4, iPad, laptop and BlackBerry Bold 9700. The cases come in black which isn’t our favorite|Wow!
    Those are the most stylish iphone cases I’ve seen in a long while. Such whimsy!|You can never go wrong with Prada! I’ve always love them and YES I’ll definitely get this for my iPhone… (FB)|Hi hi Bagaholicboy! Would love to know how much is one? Love the red one!|If there were no changes to the price, it should be SGD270, but I’ll check again just to be sure.
    Check back again next week for more updates.|I don’t have an iPhone. So I’m considering it as an Xmas gift for someone who does!
    |How much is the one in croc? Got pic?|It is the same, except for
    the fact that there lots of new colours for the X’mas 2011 collection.|Thanks. I have a red one sitting on the shelf waiting for an iPhone4S… Ha! It looks so pretty that I couldn’t resist buying it first.
    |Can’t wait for the release of prices and also the X’mas gift
    collection!|Not a blue one? I always end up with blue.
    .. but yes, the orange is lush!|Are these covers (and all other Prada X’mas ’11 stuff) only available in Singapore?
    Please say no? LOL!|LOL! Of course not. They will be available at
    Prada boutiques worldwide I’m sure.|Hey BB! Would the iPhone covers be available in Prada’s signature “hot pink” too?
    |lovin’ the orange one! when will it be in stores?|they’re out
    in stores already! picked up a black one for myself!
    |Saw the yelllow one at Paragon! Swee ah!
    |Saw a blue one at paragon. Any idea if it fits iphone 3gs and if its
    on sale? Planning to get it as a Christmas gift for
    someone.|It will only fit the iPhone4/4S and some
    BB models. And no, because it is part of the permanent
    collection I doubt it will ever be discounted during the
    sale.|OMG… that is my favourite!!! Love Mr. Marc!|maybe i can buy for next year’s Christmas gifts?|Cool items! Why don’t they sell
    these at MJ stores here?|Don’t know. Something you got to ask Club21.|BB, sorry if this is a stupid question but these are not available for purchase online right? I can’t seem
    to find the purchase button.|You can buy selected Special Items online, but I think shipping now is
    only for the States. And the selection is really limited so I wouldn’t bother anyway.|I would be extremely happy if I can get my hands on the wallet! Hahaha…|Okay, I imagine that the ski tote will be a wonderful book bag (although god knows when I will need to carry books around again) and the wallet is just very nice (and affordable!).|I own the other version, and trust me when I say this, the tote will definitely overwhelm you. Best left to the tall and burly types.|I am so dying to lay my hands on the laminated cotton tote. I love the special item range, but really sad to know Spore don’t stock
    them.|Anyone looking to buy a selected range of the Special Items
    over at Hong Kong can head to down to the Marc By Marc Jacobs
    Flagship Store in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. Don’t bother looking around the other stores in HK cause they don’t have them.

    And if you possibly want all of the special items, Bleeker Street
    at NY is the place to visit!|Hi there. Bumped into your great blog here when I
    googled Marc by Marc Jacob. Anyways, are the bags made in USA or France?
    |I’m pretty sure that the pieces from the Special Items collection are made in China. Or India.|I think i might have to get this and the iPad case… (FB)|Wow will it fit the iPhone 4? (FB)|From what I’ve been told, yes
    it will.|love both iphone and ipad cases from Prada!

    |Yea, luv tis case I first saw it in Urban last Friday|they fit in Blackberry Bold 9000?
    and 9700 as well? yay for this!|the shape is abit *hmmmmmm*,
    the deciding factor will be the price.|agreed
    with the shape being “hmm”. the bodyline of their ipad case transformed into the dimensions
    of a iphone 4 would’ve been *perfect*.|God, please let it be available in red…|I like! It’s on my must have list for
    this Christmas (FB)|I love Prada more and more. Please let
    it fit iPhone 4!!|Ok guys I checked again and I’ve been informed that the iPhone4 case will retail for SGD270 in SG.|BB, when will this be available? I so wanna get one. So sexy!|My friend holding one prada iphone 4 case from italy but its slightly different from the picture. It is rectangular in shape.|Hi there, when will the iphone cover and ipad be released in singapore?|P.S. you can get this from London airport for GBP77 (duty free)|I have had one of these on order at the Prada store since before Christmas… they still do not have them, and the SA said they may only get 4 or 5 !|what is the product code for this case???|i would like to get the prada iphone casing. how should i go about getting it?|You buy it direct for your local Prada store? I’m not selling anything
    here.|Where can I buy one of these skins? Can you post the link?
    |The thing with Paul Frank is that its ageless.

    With pop art designers, it looks like its for kids, but you take a look at the
    price tag or the artists and you realize some of the stuff is for adults.

    Totally go for the orange one, such a rich color.
    |but most of all: i’m glad you folded & are now an iPhone-owner.|Thanks! This really helps! For anyone interested, you can reduce the number of steps by downloading the beta version of audacity, which can allow you to directly export into .m4a. This would make it as easy as choosing a file, cutting, export, and rename!|I get lost at 4. with ffmpeg.. I can only gather that one has to have ffmpeg on their pc.. hmm and using run -> cmd It looks like a great guide except I can’t make the leap to part
    4. in your guide.|I JUST got the I4 and I really this.
    Used Otterbox b4 on my 5 berry’s and this is a must have. Cant leave my new phone naked. Pick me.|i so need this! i drop my phone like its my job and i am so afraid that will do some damage to it i bought a different case but it didnt support the phone the way the otterbox looks like it would. I need a case that is me-proof!|YAY!! Looking forward to getting my Otterbox for my new Verizon iPhone!! Will they be available online only or in stores as well? If just online, how long does it take to ship & receive? Thanks so much!|Three reasons why my iphone needs protected.. 1. My three year old 2. My five year old. 3. My husband. I’ve had the phone for about 36 hours,
    and already, my family has been itching to play with it!
    It’s not that I don’t trust them.. Okay, I DON’T trust them.. Not yet anyways.. Not until I know my iphone is protected from the ones I love the most.|My iPhone can’t live without Otterbox protection, because it wants to be outdoors.
    I’m an active Boy Scout leader who enjoys participating in activities with my scouts. The Boy Scout motto is “Be Prepared”. With my Otterbox Defender, my iPhone is always prepared for any activity. Thanks for a great product!|I’m in the army and
    wherever my iPhone is with me it is getting beat up by the harshest climates.
    Endless hours in the field, only the otterbox cuts it.
    |My iphone 4 cannot live without its OtterBox because I can’t live without my grandchildren. The first thing they want to do when they see me is look at my pictures No Worries Otter keeeps their hands only in safe places.|I am in desperate need if an Otterbox, I have three girls ages 4, 2 and 1 who all fight over my iPhone. I can just picture it flying through the air one day in the middle of a power struggle and it landing on the ceramic tile!! I can honestly say that an Otterbox would be truly put to the test in my house!!!|You keep it up now, undresatnd? Really good to know.|I have never had an OtterBox before but my friends highly recommend it for such a brittle phone and I’ve seen it in action.
    It offers protection what a clumsy person like me needs to
    protect my newly acquired phone. I need one and I want one.
    That’s why I cannot live without an OtterBox defender.|My Iphone 4 can not live without otter box because of 2 amazing reasons.. There names are Ethan and Noah… My 3 and 1 year olds!!! Otterbox is the best protection ever for even the roughest little boys!!!|Car seats are to babies as Otterbox is to iPhones. You don’t just throw baby in
    the back seat and floor it (unless ur Brittney Spears).
    |the otterbox really rocks cause i drop my iphone around elephants,
    highways, warzones, & natural disasters. cant beat that protection.
    |I cannot live without OtterBox Protection because, it’s stylish, user friendly and I TRUST OtterBox that it will protect my iphone, when in any action that it may fell of my hands/pockets, it will protect my iphone without any harm.|I am a coordinated person but I’m a complete spaz- re: care for my phone.
    OtterBox protection will help to change my reputation as a spaz.
    |one of best phones by one of the best cases in the world|I must have the defender to protect my phone from my twin babies that
    get into everything and have broken 2 OtterBox-less phones already!
    |My iphone got here early! It’s so naked!!And so vulnerable to my let’s say a clumsy life!
    I need an otterbox SO FAST! No case that can match it!

    |I have 3 children and a klutz for a husband who all love my iphone.

    My soon to be one year old uses it as a chew toy any chance he has.

    My 3G wouldn’t have survived 2 years without an otterbox. (I continually recommend it to all my mommy friends.) I’m upgrading to the 4 and need the same level of protection.

    |My Iphone Cannot live without otterbox protection because I got 2 kids that love to drop my phone.
    Been few times its been knocked off the desk and I never worry because I know its got the protection of otterbox.
    |Well I have been patiently waiting for over 4 years to
    get the VZW iPhone and I will have it in my hands tomorrow morning!
    I need the Otterbox Defender so I can keep my iPhone safe and secure for a very long time.
    Sometimes I am a clutz and I drop my cell, but with the Defender I can rest easy knowing it will be protected from the shock of impact,
    along with the dust and humidity it is protected
    from.|My phone always seems to find it’s way to the bottom of my purse and it needs protection from that kitchen sink my husband says I carry in there.|iPhone 4, I’m
    made of glass; easy to break!
    I’m scared to death, there’s a lot at stake!
    It’s ok; I have no more fear,
    Because tomorrow my Otterbox Defender is here!|My iPhone needs an Otterbox b/c I’m a therapist for kids w/behavioral disorders & you never know when it’ll be thrown across the room!|The big question is when OtterBox cases will be available for the Verizon iPhone.|I too am waiting to hear from Otterbox on when the Verizon 4 defender cases will be available! Are they even working on new cases?|We will start evaluating options as soon as we can get a device, Tim. Keep an eye on our website or Facebook page for updates!|I want to ensure that I have a case for my new iPhone as soon as I get it. When will OtterBox be saying if the current cases will fit, or announce that they have a new one for Verizon models?|i just called and they are workin on it should be out in next couple weeks and in week able to get email updates about it
    also the case is slightly different for verison and att!|Hey Chris, the word i’m getting from the Verizon
    side is that there are minute modified adjustments in button placement.
    However, the word I’m getting from the Otterbox Representative is that the same otters are going to be in play for the VZW iPhone 4. But right now, I’m leaning towards
    my VZW informants who have ears higher up on the food chain than
    most.|I’m with everyone else. I’ve heard that otterbox is the case I should have for
    my verizon iphone. =)|I guess I will be purchasing a case from another company.
    Unfortunately, I can not wait months for them to make a case for Verizon’s Iphone 4 because I need a case immediately after I recieve my phone to protect it from scratches,drops, etc. Sucks! Does anyone know of any other good case companies?|My understanding is that the wait will not be that long, Kandy. I expect that many other companies are dealing with similar challenges as we: needing the device in hand to make sure we have a solution that will deliver the protection you expect!|Thanks for the responses. I agree with you Chelsee, I’ll purchase a temporary
    case from else where until I can purchase an
    otterbox, I just hope the wait isnt extremely long becuase I’ve heard so many good things about this company’s products.
    |i cant beleive otterbox does not know yet if there case will work|We know the existing option will NOT
    work for the Verizon iPhone. The buttons were moved just enough that we will need to make some changes to our cases to ensure the
    precision fit and amazing OtterBox protection. We are working to have
    options for the Verizon iPhone 4 available as soon after the launch as we can!
    |I bought a otter box on ebay for the ipgone 4 for Verizon can I switch it out for
    a iphone 4 otter box for Verizon.|You will have to contact the eBay dealer since your purchase was through
    them for a refund. OtterBox cases for the Verizon iPhone are not yet
    available, but we are working on them!|I was wondering if and when will OtterBox be coming out with a case for the new Verizon iphone 4?
    |We are working on options now and hope to have them available as soon after the device launches
    as we can. We have prioritized development of the Defender Series case, so that should be available first,
    with the Commuter Series and Impact Series cases available later|I plan on buying
    the otter case that’s already out for the iPhone. Walmart where I live have the defender series for 40 bucks which is a pretty good deal. And since it’s Walmart
    I can return it at anytime doesn’t hurt to try.|Do you know a time window of how long the defender will be available for verizon iphone after launch moreless?|I don’t, unfortunately.
    Much will depend on how quickly it passes testing, gets shipped & inspected, etc.
    For us (& our customers too), tomorrow wouldn’t be too soon, but we don’t
    want to rush quality!|Read all the other damn posts before
    asking stupid questions.|wow people, way to ask the same question over and over w/o ever
    reading “otterbox’s” responses… Got some real winners on
    this website|Yes, the only case (in my knowledge) that is available is the Case-Mate cases which are specifically designed for the Verizon iPhone 4.
    However, i do not like the designs and color choices of Case-Mate’s cases for the Verizon iPhone 4 and i hope you good people at Otterbox can deliver a top-notch product.|I have every confidence that we will have something that will wow’ you soon!
    |God is love, Rev Run. Bring on the iPhone4 Verizon case!
    |Why are there so many different otterbox cases being made for the verizon iphone 4?
    Will one protect better than the other or is it the style that
    differs?|We have several options because our customers are very different in their needs!
    Our Defender Series case is our highest level of protection, is fully enclosed and
    comes with a holster/belt clip. Next in line is our Commuter Series case: slightly less protection and
    a slimmer look. The Impact Series case is a durable single
    layer of bumper style protection.
    Hope this helps!|Definitely need a blue/white combo defender case for the Verizon iPhone.
    |Will the new verizon iphone 4 defenders have a tighter
    silicon case? I have read a lot of reviews that the current one
    is too loose. Thanks.|We have reworked the silicon for the current iPhone Defenders so that it doesn’t stretch as easily. This reworked silicon will make its way to the Verizon compatible cases as well!|Hey Otterbox! Thanks so much for working on this! I love your defender cases & would want nothing else for my first iphone.|Will the current defender case fit the Verizon iPhone? I really like the white and black. If not, when will a case be available?|No, the Verizon version is just enough different (buttons moved) that it won’t work.
    We are developing a case for the Verizon version now
    and hope to have it as soon after the phone launches as we can.
    We have prioritized development of the Defender Series, so we expect to have that one available
    first with the other options later on.|Ok. But will the defender come in multiple colors?
    |I am awaiting confirmation of that, Weslee. Initially I expect we will
    offer black, but we hope to have other options available
    as well.|Purchasing the Verizon Iphone at
    launch tomorrow…..Will Otterbox have the defender series
    in the next few days…Cant wait to long|Isn’t tomorrow just pre-order w/availability on 10th?
    Anyhow, we are working hard to have the Defender Series case available as soon after launch as we can. Our email notification sign up form went live today on our home page, so sign up!!|No, the pre-order that begins in about an hour is for existing customers only and those devices that are pre-ordered will be delivered to the purchaser on or before February 10th.Anxiously awaiting news of the new cases!!!|My iphone arrived YESTERDAY 2/7 so please hurry up Otterbox, I’m
    waiting!!|I am pre- ordering the iphone soon.
    . when do you think (if you gave an estimate) would be the time when the defender series would come out.

    . and will it have warranty on it if the iphone breaks inside the defender series you guys
    will replace the broken iphone with a new one for free?

    |If i have purchased a regular iPhone 4 case for the Verizon iPhone, can
    i exchange it for a Verizon iPhone case when they come out?
    |I am not sure how this works, iPhone owner. I would recommend giving our customer support
    Otters a call at 888.695.8820; they can assist you with next steps!
    |I just pre- ordered my verizon Iphone 4 32 G this morning but
    it won’t arrive until the 10th of Feb. So hurry, hurry hurry otterbox and get going I need a CASE!|Correct, it will not be available until 2/10. I just signed up for email notification of defender availability.
    I know you’re tired of addressing this, but…

    Will it be available before 3/10/11?|Unfortunately I
    don’t have an ETA to offer you… but we certainly hope so!|OtterBox: My fella is rough on his phone. His OtterBox Defender came as a promotional item when he got his Blackberry last summer. He is so impressed with it, not only does he insist every future phone of ours will have it, but he demonstrates to people who ask (and some who don’t) about his case.
    He has thrown it down many places and tossed it about on worksites to prove his point.
    At Christmas, he threw it down the aisle at Target to demonstrate why a lady who purchased two
    iPads as gifts should invest in the Otterbox product.
    She put down the flimsy cases he was holding, smiled and thanked him and verified where she could get hers and off she went.
    I am nervous to go long without a case but I will be extra, extra, extra careful with my new Verizon iPhone until OtterBox comes out with the Defender Case.
    Worth every penny!Thank you!P.S. So close to tracking down an OtterBox decal for his truck for how much he loves
    it.|I’m glad! We have tons of his Proud Papa OtterBox stories. He loves demonstrating how much of a BASOB OtterBox Defender cases are!And thank you! I am so excited! I have e-mailed you!|I’m a fan
    of the iPhone 4 cases where the leg (stand) pops out.

    My biggest issue is whether I should get a case for the iPhone
    4S. I paid the $99 for the Apple Care + coverage which
    allows me up to 2 replacement handsets after paying
    the $49 deductible. If you factor in the cost of a good case ($40) plus
    invisible shield on the front/back ($35), you’re looking at spending $75 versus just paying the $50 deductible and having your phone replaced entirely. I think the third party case market for iPhones will take a hit if people start doing the math on the case/shield protections. Hopefully it’ll make
    companies lower their prices on cases and shields so we all win.
    |To whom this may concern,
    I cannot seem to find a link to purchase the
    Products listed on your website. Can you please direct me
    And if they are not for sale, do you know where I
    can purchase them.|i want to buy cases for my iphone 4 kindly reply
    az soon az possible to order ?|Where can
    I buy the Gucci iPhone Case Cover for iPhone 4 4G Sieve Design from as
    I cannot find it anywhere for sale?|F*ckin? remarkable things here.
    I am very happy to peer your post. Thanks a lot and
    i am having a look ahead to contact you. Will you kindly drop me a e-mail?
    |Very good and descriptive review.. Thanks for the review..
    |I never thought of it that way, well put!

    |I am really not as well accustomed to this subject but I do prefer to have a look at blogs for
    layout recommendations and fascinating topics. You seriously described a matter that I
    ordinarily do not care substantially about and created it fairly fascinating.

    That is a great blog that I will take note of. I already bookmarked it
    for long term reference.|Hi, this is a comment.

    To delete a comment, just log in and view the post’s comments. There you will have the option to edit or delete them.|Nice custom designs. I am saving money to buy iPhone, really excited about it :)|If i make a design for my iphone..can i print it? with wich materials… i will like to make it all myself! i have a skin for my iphone with one of my designs, but i had to send to some people specialized in printing that kind of skins.|Well it requires an adhesive to stick to the iPhone but you need to be careful that the adhesive won’t damage the phone casing itself.
    I don’t know of a specific guide, the stores exist because it’s easier.
    |These Iphone 4 skins are all so beautiful! I just love the Volcano one or Feather
    Brain or Festival, they are all amazing! ;)|Thanks.
    It was like making a pancake, easy and simple with the instructions mentioned.
    |You just HAD to pick Holiday didn’t you?|This works great! Thanks for the tip. I’ve been looking for something to do this.
    |This isn’t working for me. I can convert the songs based off the guide perfectly. It even shows up in Itunes under the Ringtones section but after doing the Sync, it’s not on the phone?
    ??|also covers mac and not just windows. Makes
    a lot of suggestions on how to fix things if ringtones don’t work right.|the longest ringtone you can have is actually 40 seconds. if it’s under
    40 seconds, you are good.|GREAT TIP!! Current way of getting iPhone ringtones is ludicrous.

    Silly question but I hate having all these random
    files everywhere. ARe any of the converted
    files, etc, ok to trash?|So I can convert it to a ring tone easuly but
    it doesnt move intot he rigtones library it just goes to the music library.
    Help?|For those people who haven’t been able to get this to work:
    1) Have you made sure the ringtone is set to sync in the ringtone tab in the iPhone configuration?
    2) Are you sure you’re using a DRM-free song as stated in the instructions?
    |This doesn’t work for me in Vista. I drag the file over to Ringtones and it does not appear there. Sync is on. Any ideas?|God damn it, I tried it on my Gz one boulder and figured I had a shot, I’ve been screwing around with this
    for about a half an hour and have been trying to figure this thing out for 3!
    I’m watching tv. :/|thanks braden…i set all durations to less than 40 seconds and they automatically appear in the ringtone section of the iphone for syncing. i tried this before and dint work because i set the duration too long|Hmmm… This method doesn’t work
    with some of my audio files. Investigating..
    .|This works great. Thank you for the article.
    One question though…For certain tunes, the volume was a
    little low, so I adjusted the volume and the equalizer on the piece
    I am interested in. But when I convert and change the
    extension to .m4r, the volume and equalizer adjustments dont seem to have been transferred.
    ..Is there a way to retain those in the ringtone or is it not possible ?

    |It doesn’t show up on the Iphone after conversion and syncing. And yes, I’ve made sure it’s selected for syncing. Any ideas???|And yes, I made sure the file extension was changed…..|As we pointed out in the article… the music has to be DRM-free in order for this to work. That means a lot of songs purchased from iTunes will not work.|I have tried this several time with NO luck, but I would LOVE to get this to figured out.|Song titles need to be short is another thing that should be noted. I was using the full file names and it wasn’t working,
    shortened them to 1 word names and they appeared on the phone when I resynced.
    |Works great, just like in the instructions. My ring tones a quiet though.
    Any way I can make them louder. I turned up the volume in my phone
    and moved the volume adjustment up to 100% in itunes but still quiet. I even played it in itunes and it even sounds softer than the origional. Any ideas?|For a last step, you should mention re-opening the original audio file and resetting the start and end times to play the full song properly again.|Got it to work! once I shorten the name as suggested by Zed.
    LJ Neal, look at the picture in step 4 above, the tools he is referring to is on you pc/laptop.
    Thanks again.|It worked! make sure you change the name of the ringtone to one word! I used the song Still Alive from portal, originally when i named it Portal Ring Tone it would not show up on my phone. After changing the name to just “portal” it worked!|Hi there,
    I got this to work with an mp3,
    a little bit of playing around was involved,
    but I got it to work with a 29 second edited mp3,
    and also I eddited out all the mp3s info in itune,
    eg album name, year or release and reclassified it as none,
    all of this was found in itunes under get info, info
    hope this helps|This only works in Win XP. Changing the file name extension does not work in Vista. Otherwise good job…|Sorry, if you’re on Vista go to Organize -> Folder and Search Options.|
    It works perfelly, thanks so mucho!!!!!!!!!!!|Very, very good TIP!!!! I am very happy with this one here! I do recommend…|i followed it, and it worked okay, my iphone synced, but now i cannot find the tone among the ringtones on my iphone… :S|I have made a bunch of ring tones thanks. I have discovered a few short cuts to your method|I just got it to work in Vista. Original mp3 is DRM free, I can name it whatever I like (no need for one word filenames), and it’s about 33 seconds long. The only thing you need to do… AFTER you have copied the file to your desktop and renamed the extension… delete the 30 second clip that you converted from mp3 to aac from your itunes library. Then import the ringtone that you created. Voila!|This works perfectly!!!
    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! I really appreciate it!!!!!!|I was having problems with this as well, until I read the comment about making the file name all one word. No spaces, no underscores. I removed the underscores from the files I was using, resynced, and they showed up as “custom ringtones” with the stock factory ringtones. works great now.|So let me get this right. I purchase a song fron itunes for use on my ipod and I want to turn that ALREADY purchased song into a ringtone I have to pay another .99 cents? That is a WRONG Apple, Wrong!
    I tried this and it didn’t work for me. Operator error maybe?? Did you explain somewhere what a DRM-free file is? I wasn’t sure what it was when I was reading your article; however, I still tried your method. I got an error message the minute I tried to convert to AAC saying that protected files could not be converted to ther formats. Does this have something to do with DRM-free or the lack of? Your advice on this is appreciated. Thanks|I have tried all the steps expect when i try to put the ringtone into my i tunes it does not work can somebody help me please|Thank you so much!!! You’re my savior!! And all those who mentioned changing the file name!! KUDOS!!|Thanks It works great It was easy to follow the instructions and I’m so happy I don’t have to pay $2 to itunes|i couldn’t get it to work (would show up in iTunes as a ringtone and on the iPhone in iTunes, but not in the ringtone menu). But, when I changed the first letter in the title to a capital it showed up on my iPhone and worked.|Perfect, my song had the track number at the begining so took it off and it worked for me (after 2 days of trying to do the whole process!!!) THANK YOU!!|I had the same problem of not getting the converted ringtone (a non-DRM, .m4r file that’s under 30 seconds) from the iTunes to the iPhone. I tried changing the name into a single word, and finally got it to work! Thank you!|i had heaps of trouble with this but as soon as i made the ringtone less than 40 seconds. it then showed up in my ringtone sync list and i even have new newest itunes.|I am new to iPhone, just got it few days ago. I am using iTunes 8. I couldn’t get step 7 to work. When I added file to lib, it is not listed. Anyone?|Just like Double07 above, I’ve downloaded iTunes 8 and I’ve also converted an mp3 to a m4a but then it’s automatically listed as a track in my music folder… instead of being considered as a ringtone…. Any help? Thanks!|Just like Double07 and ecco, I’ve got itunes 8 and windows vista. When I open the file it doesn’t have M4a in the file name to be able to rename it to M4r. Any help?|This works perfectly! Thank you for taking the time to lay out all the screen shots and go step by step. It even works on the September ’08 iTunes update v8.0.0.35! Thanks again, cheers!|does it work with itunes 8 and iphone 3g?|I’ve tried every tip on this site and I can’t get a 3rd song to appear in my custom folder on my iphone. I’m using Vista, iphone 2.1 and itunes 8.0.1. Please give me some hope.|Excellent tutorial! I just bought an iPhone and prior to that I had a SLVR. I used Audacity to make my own ringtones. I guess I could still kind of do it, using a combination of your tutorial and my own methods, but it’s a shame that Apple has to make simple stuff like this such a pain.|Ok all you Vista users. I figured it out. This is step by step!
    Open iTunes
    Goto Library and select Music
    Select Song
    Listen to song & note time where you want song to start(example 0:50)
    Stop Song
    Right click on song which should be highlighted
    Select GET INFO
    Select Options
    Fill in Start and Stop times (ie~ Start 0:50 Stop 1:20 (add 30 sec)
    Click on OK button
    Right click again on highlighted song
    Highlight 30sec version of song which will appear either above or
    below the full version of the song
    Right click highlighted 30sec version
    Select SHOW IN WINDOWS EXPLORER (2 versions of the song will appear
    in Windows Explorer. Check size of file if you aren’t sure but
    ringtone 30sec version should already be lightly highlighted)
    Right click 30sec version
    Select RENAME
    Change .m4a to .m4r & you can also change the name of the song (get
    rid of any underscores, |asteriks, exlamation points, etc…)
    Hit ENTER
    Hit YES
    Go back to iTunes >Library >Music and highlight the 30sec version
    Right click and select DELETE
    Hit REMOVE
    Select RINGTONES under >Library section
    Go back to Windows Explorer where your .m4r file is located
    Stop song
    Goto FILE pull down menu
    Select SYNC “_____iPhone”
    While this is being done, you can select Devices ____iPhone which is
    located on the left hand side to view how your sync process is
    Select Ringtones under Devices ____iPhone category to make sure
    ringtone file is there
    Now go and apply your new ringtone on your iPhone.|HELP!!! I was able to do everything that the instructions said for me to do and the new version of the song is in my “ringtone” section of iTunes. But there is only one problem…it isn’t showing up on my iPhone and yes, I have my iPhone set up to sync ringtones. I am stumped…and honestly I have been waiting to make this song into a ringtone for months now and finally today I got my first iPhone and am frusterated at the fact that I can’t get my ringtone to show up and work! Does anyone have any pointers or help that they can give??|Speaking of Audacity, check out DJ Nitrogen not free but it’s easy, works every time and uses the Audacity editor.|I am using 8.0035 itunes and 2.1 version on my iphone (I do NOT have the 3G)|How did you know which are the DRM free songs? I manage to convert some songs as ringtones but not others. What does DRM stands for? Please help:)|why cant we have full songs like any other phones?|You are SUPER SUPER GREAT!!!!! Thanks a whole bunch. I was suffering around the net and trying to find how to creat a ringtone and a lot of them show the same procedure like yours but they missed out one step which messed up the whole thing. And that step is that (Organize->Folder and Search option( on Vista) Uncheck the HIDE extensions. Overall….you’re a life saver|as far as i know it dosn’t work with the itunes v.8s so i dont know what to tell you post an answer if you have one|HOW TO GET FREE RINGTONES WITH ITUNES 8 AND THE 2.1 IPHONE FINALLY WORKS|Thanks alot! I think it’s completely unfair to have to pay AGAIN for the privilege of having a custom ringtone for a song you’ve already paid for. Thank you SIR!|I m using XP and has downloading the songs into my itunes (as what has been instructed). However i’m unable to sync into my iphone. HAve checked the boxes for syncing but still not in my iphone. What could have happended? Pls. help.|Like jefchen, I am using XP and have converted 5 files to ringtones btw, nice instruction set. Only one of the ringtones synced in iTunes. My iPhone folder, iTunes, shows them as on my phone and synced properly, but only one ringtone shows up in the menu on the iPhone. Ideas?|yay thanks alot this actually worked, i thought i had to have a jailbroken iphone for this even though it do.
    anyway thanks alot|SWEET! Thank god this actually works since Apple Canada hasn’t decided to start ripping us off here yet… I’d recommend converting to MP3, and using any editor that way, and then convert the file to m4a using something like MediaCoder(free) and then changing the file extension.|oh and yes that’s on a iPhone 3G (v2.1) using iTunes 8 and Windows XP and it works brilliantly!|I’m stuck. Can’t seem to work it out. Got the Iphone (not 3g) v2.1 and itunes 8 with a MAC. Can’t seem to be able to convert the file to AAC. I see most of the comments are for XP but does anyone know what do with a MAC OS X version 10.4.11. Please please help|You dont need to go through all that to get free iphone ringtones. i know of a site that i have been using that lets you make custom ringtones that are compatible with the iphone.|This is just what I need but for a while couldn’t get it to work.
    First how to I check if a song (from a bought CD) is DRM free?|I got everything to work, up until changing the ringtone on my iPhone. I saw a few other people had this problem too.|This worked great. One of the things I noticed is missing from the iphone is a NONE ringtone. I found a song that had a few seconds of dead air and selected that segment, followed the instructions and presto, I have a NONE ringtone that I can assign to nuisance callers! Thanks!|Now if I can just figure out how to keep iphone text messages from popping up automatically no matter what application I am on or even on the main menu, that would be fanstastic. Any suggestions??|i live in jamaica, i want to buy from the itunes store.i have a internal visa. but no us mailing adress.any suggestion?|this did not work for me. i tried for 2 hours now. I am giving up.|wow!!! Awesome Job.. Thank you very much this is the first time I’ve done stuff on my iphone and it works!!!! Excellent !!|Created the m4r file just fine with no spaces, starting with capital letter, etc. Shows up in ringtones folder in library, and in list of ringtone/sync all ringtones. After sync, though it is not showing up on my iphone ringtone library no custom folder, nothing. Help please!|THANK YOU (YES I’M SHOUTING!). Worked perfectly. Of course, the ringtones I wanted to make from purchased songs couldn’t be converted as they appear protected, which made me laugh, so I just went crazy converting loads of songs off cds. I’ve been searching since July for an easy step-by-step like yours. Very much appreciated ^^|Whenever I add my ringtone it deletes all of my music which is just lame. it says sync ringtone but all music and tv shows will be deleted. but it did work|Worked like a charm for me, Big Thanks for posting pictures too!!!
    using IPhone software 2.1|ummm… i have a really dumb question: how do you change a file extension on win xp? everything works great until the renaming. i can’t seem to figure out how to change the m4a to m4r. pleeeeese help, someone!|never mind… went back and reread the instructions and all is good!
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